Typical steps of the collective sale process in view of the latest amendments introduced to the Land Titles (Strata) Act 2007, effective on 15th July 2010.

Step 1
Initiation & Evaluation

Step 2 (1st EOGM)
Election of Collective Sales Committe

Step 3 ( 2nd EOGM)
Appoinements of Lawyer & Marketing Agent

Step 4 (3rd EOGM)
Approve Apportionment Method & terms of CSA

Step 5
Signing of CSA

Step 6 (Owners' Meeting)
Update on Signing Status & Proposed Sales Terms

Step 7
Marketing - Tender & Evaluation of Bids

Step 8 (Owner's Meeting)
Update on Offers & Consider Terms of Sale & Purchase Agreement

Step 9
Application to STB

Step 10
legal Completion

Step 11
Rent Free Stay

Step 12
Delivery of Vacant Possession

Sequence of Events / Activities

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